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Aquarium package for home, businesses and public spaces

We have sold, designed and implemented several hundred marine or freshwater aquarium packages over the past 30 years. These include, for example, beginner-level nanoreefs, larger reef aquariums, demanding design ensembles and very large aquarium ensembles for the premises of companies, organizations and public actors. The largest project we have implemented is a complex of more than 10,000 liters and the largest individual aquarium is 5,500 liters in size.

You can order ready-made aquarium packages for homes from the best-known companies in the field. We also implement made-to-measure solutions that suit your requirements and wishes, where every detail, part and measure can be tailored into an experience suitable for the space, taking into account the rest of the interior of the apartment.

The aquarium units implemented for companies, organizations or public spaces are usually made-to-order solutions, in which case the special needs of the space can be better taken into account, both in terms of the required technology and the experience. We have supplied aquariums, e.g. to the exhibition centre's restaurant, company meeting rooms and lobbies, and to the housing unit of urban social services.

According to research, aquariums have demonstrable and demonstrable benefits that have a positive effect on health, such as lowering the stress level, increasing concentration and calming the mind. These advantages can be utilized in concrete measures that guide the work well-being and work comfort of organizations, which can achieve better personnel and business economic benefits.


Maintenance and maintenance services for aquariums

With the maintenance and upkeep services of the aquarium, you can ensure the success of your hobby and the achievement of the desired results. Through our expertise and experience, we can perform all activities related to service and maintenance quickly and efficiently. This way you can focus on enjoying your eyeglass and use your free time for other things you want.

The services are also excellent when you are on vacation, vacation or business trip, busy at that moment, sick or in other unexpected situations. This way you ensure the well-being of your aquarium and fish and you can trust the work done by a professional.

Outsourcing service and maintenance in companies, organizations or public spaces does not take up employees' time, mix up the organization's routines, or disrupt the conduct of business in any other way. In this way, we always ensure a healthy and first-class experience that employees and customers can admire.

The contracts are tailored exactly to suit your needs, allowing you to define suitable maintenance intervals, scope of work and possible additional services, such as taking care of the products needed for maintenance.


Installation and relocation of aquariums

A correctly and safely installed aquarium should be left to a professional to install it, in which case the waterproofness and functionality of the installation can be ensured. We perform all installation-related work, such as installing piping and equipment, commissioning and testing, and programming.

Moving aquariums usually requires special arrangements and consideration in order to guarantee the well-being of the animals and the smoothness of the change. We can deliver the ready-made brines needed for installation after the move and large quantities of supplies and carriers needed for the move.

Siniriuta has up-to-date insurance policies to manage unexpected damage situations.


Consultations and lectures related to sea and fresh water

Our consulting comprehensively covers all issues related to aquariums. We can help refine plans, solve problems or take an existing aquarium to a new level. We have also held lectures and presentations and produced an expert perspective related to the hobby for various publications. We have provided our expertise, among other things, in connection with the selection and supply of the inhabitants of the aquarium of the New Children's Hospital, as well as the supply of fish species for Sealife Helsinki.


Retail trade and import of fish, technology and supplies

Through us you can get all the inhabitants of your aquarium, such as fish, invertebrates, corals and live rock. Livestock are sourced through trusted global operators such as Tropical Marin Center, allowing us to ensure an ethical supply chain and livestock traceability. All living things we import have a CITES certificate, which proves that the collection has not harmed the natural species population and ensures that the species is not endangered.

We have delivered thousands of live ones to happy customers. We have also had the opportunity to deliver more special and harder-to-acquire species, which can be considered a purchase comparable to purchasing art. Those ordered through us are also carefully quarantined, which you can read more about below.

We only import reliable, safe and tested products from brands with long experience in the field. We have chosen our partners carefully so that you always get the best value for your investment and quality products that you can trust. Through us you can get all the technology you need and the products needed for aquarium maintenance.


Aquarium fish and coral quarantine services

The ethical and practical treatment of animals as well as their well-being and health are important to us and we will not give up on them. We want to ensure the happiness of the animals and the customer by offering carefully and quarantined live animals in our own appropriate facilities. Quarantine includes daily monitoring to detect abnormal behavior and illnesses, as well as other measures to ensure a healthy and strong individual. The fish are quarantined for a long enough time, and in addition, we can offer particularly long quarantine periods and a fish hotel for, for example, treatment of diseases.