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The Aquaforest TestPro Pack includes drop tests to check levels of Ca, KH, and Mg in Saltwater aquariums. Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium are the most crucial parameters in a Reef Aquarium and should be monitored regularly. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the marine Aquarium calcium levels should be maintained in the range 380-460 mg/l (ppm), Magnesium should fall between 1260-1460 mg/l (ppm), and alkalinity should vary between 6.5- 8.0 dKH for Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULNS) or higher for aquariums with more nutrients.

  • Professional drop test kit for Ca, Mg, KH
  • Contains enough reagents to perform 55-65 Ca tests, 78-100 KH tests, and 55-60 Mg tests
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Unlimited test range
  • Accuracy ICP-OES and UV-VIS Verified
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