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Arka MyAqua 1900

Arka MyAqua 1900

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ARKA myAqua 1900 Resinfilter

Arka MyAqua 1900 Osmosis device with a yield of no less than 1900L/day

  • quickly and effectively filters up to 99% of salts, Bacteria and pollutants (such as nitrate, phosphate and heavy metals) from tap water, making it safe for use in any salt or freshwater Aquarium
  • achieves a water yield of up to 1:1 and contains only natural filter materials without chemical additives
  • can be connected to commercially available domestic water pipes thanks to the included accessories

Daily output: up to 1900l / 24h
Dimensions: approx. 434 x 163 x 418 mm
Osmosis water: residual water: yield approx. 1: 1-1.5
Salt retention capacity: 98 – 99%
Power consumption / standby: 70 W / 1-2 W
Voltage: 24 V

Parcel contains

  • 1× membrane
  • 1× fine filter cartridge
  • 1x carbon filter cartridge C1
  • 1x carbon filter cartridge C2 – We recommend replacing this cartridge with the Resin Filter to absorb silicates
  • 1 × water connection (3/4 “–1/4”)
  • 1x 150cm hose (included)
  • 1x 300 cm hose (osmosis & waste water)
  • 1x faucet
  • 1x T-piece
  • 1× wall bracket
  • 1x power supply
  • 1x TDS measuring device
  • 1x Sewer clamp
  • 1x guard 1/4-1/4

Easy operation and maintenance, thanks to B. a quick release system for the filter & membrane cartridges.

Replacement intervals of the system components:

  • RO membrane 12-24 months
  • C1 carbon filter 6-12 months
  • C2 carbon filter 6-12 months
  • PP fine filter 6-12 months
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