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Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Bacto Reef balls

Fauna Marin Bacto Reef balls

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Bacto Reef balls

Millions of live reef-bacteria and enzymes in depot balls for easy dosing of marine bacterias.


  • Crystal clear & healthy water.
  • Nutritioncontrol and easy reduction of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates.
  • Cleans up organic waste and unwanted detritus , raises up skimming.
  • Reduces filter maintenance and eliminates unwanted bacteria and algea.
  • Easy dosing – with the unique and long lasting depot effect up to 3 weeks each dosing
  • Especially designed for seawater aquarium .


  • Millions of live natural marine bacteria in depotballs for marine aquariums.
  • Bacto Reef Balls (100ml contains ca 110 spheres, 250ml contains ca 275 spheres) ca. 1cm average diameter .


  • 2 Reef Balls / 100 Liters / every 2 weeks directly in your filter. Avoid balls soaking into pumps .
  • Reef Balls are made from a biodegradable polymer. Variations in size and rates are normal.
  • Begin with half the recommended dosage to assess the specific needs of your aquarium.
  • Place Bacto Reef Balls in a high flow area of your filter. We recommend placing the spheres in a filter bag or stocking.
  • In aquariums without a skimmer, begin with a quarter of the dosage.


  • BACTO REEF BALLS contain live bacteria that live in their perfectly protected gel casing and supplied. After opening, store the product in a dark and cool area.
  • Consume the fractured BBACTO REEF BALLS within 6-9 months of opening .
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