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Betta Mag

Betta Mag

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Two Little Fishles

BettaMag is the smallest glass cleaning magnet for aquarium glass up to 5mm thick.  Great product for cleaning Pico aquariums.

  • efficient for glass up to 5 mm thick (esp. recommended for Pico size aquariums)
  • for glass & acrylic aquariums

The BettaMag is a diminutive little magnet fromTwo Little Fishies which is here to cleanest the smallest of aquariums. The BettaMag is smaller than the NanoMag, and smaller still than the MagFox for cleaning pipes and hard to reach places.

Despite its much reduced size the BettaMag can still clean glass with thicknesses up to 3/16th of an inch,  just a sliver under 5mm. The BettaMag is designed to be used on very small bowls and the tiniest tanks that may be actually too light in weight to not be pulled over when used with glass cleaners as strong as the NanoMag.

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