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D-D Funktion 5000 DC Pump

D-D Funktion 5000 DC Pump

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Product Description

The D-D Funktion pumps are a multi-function DC pump with a unique digital controller, featuring three wave modes and a constant running setting. These pumps are suitable as a return pump, for running media reactors or as a closed loop pump

Suitable for salt or freshwater use, the sine wave technology and low voltage motor offers ultra-low running noise, low heat output and energy efficiency.

  • Full range of high flow pumps with a compact footprint
  • Unique digital controller with 3 wave functions and a constant flow mode
  • Sine wave technology for low running noise
  • Low voltage
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
  • Wear resistant ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Detachable footplate with anti vibration rubber feet
  • Splash proof connection between the pump and controller
Flexible Installation Options
  • 5000, 6500 and 10000 models can be installed externally
  • All models are fully submersible
  • Pump outlet can be positioned to face upwards, left or right
  • ‘Elephant Nose’ suction attachment included, for anti-vortex operation
  • Standard suction cage included for normal submerged use
  • Quick couple unions included for simple pump removal
  • Multiple pipe connections included
Controller Features
  • Unique multi-function digital controller with touch button pad
  • Back-lit LCD colour display with adjustable screen brightness
  • Multi-language display with screensaver
  • 4 different flow modes
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum power settings in wave and pulse modes.
  • Adjustable maximum power on pump mode
  • Feed mode and on/off functions
  • Run-dry detection with automatic shutdown function
  • Detachable mounting bracket
Wave Modes

Pump - The pump can be set to run continuously for use as a standard return, reactor or equipment supply pump. Flow setting can be adjusted on the controller between the minimum and maximum power settings of 30 and 100.

Wave - 
A constant wave output Is created as the pump ramps up and down between a minimum and maximum power setting. The frequency and power settings can be changed on the controller.

Pulse - 
The speed of the pump will alternate between a low and high power setting and can be used to set up a standing wave. The frequency and power settings can be changed on the controller.

Storm - 
Output of the pump will alternate and ramp between different power settings, at a varying frequency to form a random flow pattern. Ideal for stirring up detritus so it can be removed by filtration. 

  • Maximum Flow Rate : 5000 L/H
  • Maximum Head Height : 4.0 M
  • Maximum Wattage : 40 W
  • Power Output : 24 V
  • Dimensions : 168mm (L) x 104mm (W) x 129mm (H) (Not including hose fitting)
  • Flexible Hose Adapters Included : 20mm x1 / 25mm x1 / 32mm x1
  • Rigid Pipe Adapters Included : 25mm x1 / 32mm x1 / 40mm x1
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