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Reef Factory Dosing Pump x4

Reef Factory Dosing Pump x4

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Reef Factory dosing pump X4 - a modern dosing pump controlled wirelessly via the Smart Reef System.

Technical specifications:

  • Recommended single dose: 0.3 ml
  • Functions for location-independent management
  • Number of pump heads: 4
  • Change of dosage percentage
  • Slow parameter change function (can administer additional doses at set times)
  • Liquid level indicator with alarm function
  • Dosing history
  • Import/export of dosing schedules
  • Manual dosing 

The pump provides an answer to the professional needs of marine aquariums that require a dosing pump for specific tasks. Reef Factory's x4 dosing pump allows you to manage fluid dosing accurately and efficiently. The functionality outperforms current products on the market and allows for constant updates and new features thanks to Smart Reef technology....

Pump management: the dosing pump is controlled by an advanced and intuitive Smart reef system, available through a browser and an application on your cell phone. Intuitive control and functionality specifically adapted to marine aquariums.

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