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Sicce Voyager NANO - stream pump

Sicce Voyager NANO - stream pump

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A stream pump with sleek, compact design to ensure minimum size in a pump that simulates wave motion with ultra low energy consumption and exceptional performance. VOYAGER NANO can also be used in freshwater aquariums, increasing the water circulation and filter functionality.

Key Features:

  • WET Application
  • Low power consumption: Only 2,8 and 3 W respectively!
  • Self cleaning impeller by a special internal recirculation of water


  • Recommended tank size: 30-80 L
  • Flow rate- 1000 l/h
  • Voltage / Hertz - 230-240v / 50 hz
  • Watt - 2,8
  • Cable 2,2 m


  • recommended tank size: 80-140 L
  • Flow rate - 2000 l/h
  • Voltage / Hertz - 230-240v / 50 hz
  • Watt - 3
  • Cable 2,2 m

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