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AF Components PRO - LAB concentrated Ca+, KH+, Mg+ fluids (3x5/15L)

AF Components PRO - LAB concentrated Ca+, KH+, Mg+ fluids (3x5/15L)

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The AF Components PRO formula was created by qualified specialists based on many years of experience .

Regularly dosed fluids provide adequate levels of carbonate hardness, magnesium and calcium (KH 6.5-8.5, Ca 380-460 ppm, Mg 1180-1460 ppm).

The most concentrated fluids to meet all the aquarium’s needs.


  • The highest efficiency set of crucial elements
  • Experience based formula
  • Raises & stabilizes pH level
  • The most concentrated fluids to meet all the aquarium’s needs
  • Provides ionic balance

All the fluids should be dosed equally based on Ca, KH and Mg consumption.

Regularly test your water and establish the optimal dose basing on analysis results . With average SPS corals stock, the recommended Components Pro dose is 12 ml per 100 liters of water daily . When water parameters aren’t in the recommended range use one of the Aquaforest Lab additives (Ca Plus, Mg Plus, KH Plus) until reaching the desired levels.

  • Component 1 PRO contains: Ca, Sr, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Co, Mo (25 ml / 100 l raises Ca by 9 ppm).
  • Component 2 PRO contains: HCO3-, F, I (25 ml / 100 l raises KH by 1.3 dKH – Alk 0.46 meq / l).
  • Component 3 PRO contains: mineral salts, Mg, S, K, B, Sr, Li (25 ml / 100 l increases Mg by 0.76 ppm).

Due to the high concentration of the product, we recommend regular maintenance of the dosing lines .                 

Due to the high product concentration , a white, gelatinous precipitate may appear after Component 2 Pro contacts the water . This is completely natural and safe for the aquatic life.

In order to facilitate the dissolution of it, the Component 2 Pro dosing pump outlet should be placed in a high water flow . It’s best for your corals to split the daily dose into as many small doses as it’s possible.                   

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