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Ecsenius midas

Ecsenius midas

Normaalihinta €75,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €75,00 EUR
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Ecsenius midas, commonly known as the Persian blenny, is a small blenny. Their base colour ranges from grey-greenish to golden orange and some are even blue. The eye is a nice colour of blue and the caudal fin looks deeply forked because the middle part is transparant. In nature they do shift colour to resemble the fish they occur with. For example, the orange-yellow variant is usually seen with Pseudanthias squamipinnis.

These fish are usually found 2-3 meter above the bottom feeding on plankton and school with different anthias species. In a large aquarium multiple blennies is possible as long as enough territories can be formed, but in a small tank they can best be kept alone or as a proven pair. They feed mainly on zooplankton and can best be fed with live and frozen food like copepods, artemia and small gammarus, but usually will learn to feed on high quality flakes and pellets as well!

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