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Jebao MDC3500 + Wifi controler

Jebao MDC3500 + Wifi controler

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Jebao / Jecod MDC-3500 WIFI

The Jebao / Jecod MDC-3500 pump is equipped with a number of practical solutions that facilitate handling and ensure high quality and durability. It can be controlled via a WiFi application and manually from the controller. The energy-saving motor is very soundproof and does not generate excessive vibrations. NPump controlled via Wi-Fi with applications for iOS and Android.

 Power is transmitted to the rotor via a ceramic shaft, which significantly extends the life of the equipment. In addition, the construction of the MDC-3500 does not contain any element made of copper. The pump has automatic protection against running "dry", without water, which eliminates the risk of seizure. In addition, the pump includes a mechanism that shuts off the power to the pump when the rotor stops.

Using the controller, the MDC-3500 pump can be set in 70 different modes (from 30-100% or 0% for feeding).


  • Pump output: max 3500 L
  • Heigh output: 3 m
  • Degree of protection: IPX8
  • Energy consumption: 28W
  • Voltage: 24V 


  • Ultra quiet operation.
  • High performance with innovative electronic motor, and energy saving up to 65%.
  • IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection on no water.
  • With wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation / life.
  • WIFI controller + manual

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