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Triton CaRx Calcium Reactor Media 10kg

Triton CaRx Calcium Reactor Media 10kg

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €99,00 EUR
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Triton CaRx Media 10 kg is a very pure calcium reactor medium

TRITON CaRx is a very pure calcium reactor medium for use in professional care systems such as the TRITON method.
The medium was originally used for the DaStaCo ® calcium reactors, but can be used in any lime reactor.

* The high purity prevents problems that often occur with other lime reactor media.
* There is no obstacle to the efficient operation of calcium reactors, because it does not produce sludge.
* The Ca / Alk output of the reactor remains stable.
* The CaRX Media dissolves almost completely and has a very high density and therefore needs to be replaced less often than other reactor media.
* The product is very cost effective for large aquariums.
* The size of the material is optimized for calcium reactors.
* A pH of 6 – 6.2 in the reactor is recommended.

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