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Tropic Marin

Tropic Marin K+ Pro Kalium/Potassium test

Tropic Marin K+ Pro Kalium/Potassium test

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Tropic Marin K+ Test Professional for high precision determination of the potassium concentration in saltwater. Potassium is a vitally important macro-nutrient for all living beings. In natural ocean water, this alkali metal is present in an average concentration of 408 mg/l. In a saltwater aquarium, the potassium concentration is usually kept stable by regularly changing the water. Nevertheless, a lack of potassium can occur in individual aquariums tanks due to the use of zeolites and other adsorbents. One sign of a possible lack of potassium is clear discolouration of corals and retraction of polyps. The potassium level in a saltwater aquarium should be checked regularly to ensure that the level is between 380 and 420 mg/l.

With the high resolution titration test Tropic Marin Potassium Test Professional the potassium concentrations can be determined reliably with a resolution of 5 mg/l.

Tropic Marin K+ Test Professional
+ measurement range: 300 – 500 mg/l (ppm)
+ accuracy: 5 mg/l
+ for determining the K concentration in saltwater aquaria
+ sufficient for approximately 50 applications
+ incl. potassium standard to check function and shelf life of the test reagents
+ reagent as refill pack separately available

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