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Two Little Fishies

Two Little Fishies Kalkwasser 500g

Two Little Fishies Kalkwasser 500g

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Two Little Fishies Kalkwasser 500g

  • High-quality, calcium supplement for reef aquariums
  • Calcium hydroxide mix replenishes calcium and maintains aquarium alkalinity
  • Essential reef supplement for healthy growth of corals, clams, and calcareous algae

This calcium from Two Little Fishies supplement replenishes calcium and maintains alkalinity in marine reef aquariums. It also precipitates phosphate from the water and thus promotes a cleaner, healthier aquarium for growing corals, clams, and calcareous algae. A pure source of calcium hydroxide. One pound makes up to 225 gallons of mix. Use drip system or dosing pump to dispense into aquarium system.

In a separate container, add 2 tsp of Kalkwasser Calcium Supplement per 3,875 liter of cool, freshwater. Stir to

Ideal method of dosing is a drip system or dosing pump.

Note: Do not dose more than 450ml of solution per hour per 190 liter. Dosing too much, too fast can be dangerous/fatal to fish and invertebrates.

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