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D-D Aquarium Solutions

H2Ocean Continuous use Stepper Motor Peristaltic Dosing Pump

H2Ocean Continuous use Stepper Motor Peristaltic Dosing Pump

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D-D P1-STP Continuous Use Peristaltic Pump

The D-D P1-STP is an app-controlled peristaltic pump, with direct Wi-Fi or Cloud connectivity.

The direct drive stepper motor allows continuous 24/7 running, ideal for supplying water to equipment requiring constant flow rates such as calcium reactors or nitrate reactors . It can also be used in dosing mode as a high precision dosing pump.




  • Continuous, Manual or Automatic dosing modes
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous use
  • Adjustable flow/dosing rates in continuous or programmable mode
  • Dosing frequency, daily / every ‘X’ days / specific days
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day
  • Custom dosing period
  • Calculates and displays remaining liquid in dosing container
  • Direct-drive pump head for greater accuracy
  • Pharmed BPT long life pump tubing
  • Threaded connections on pump head for greater security
  • Calibration function
  • Battery backup feature to retain correct time


  • Single head , continuous use, stepper motor peristaltic pump
  • Flow rate in continuous mode 1-70ml/min
  • Dosing volume 0.1ml – 9999ml, in programmable mode
  • Uses the Kamoer Remote App which supports IOS and Android
  • Dosing accuracy <+/- 2%
  • Compact footprint:      L 100mm x W 90mm x H 60mm
  • Connections for 3mm x 5mm hose

Included In The Box

  • P1-STP peristaltic pump
  • Power adapter
  • 2m of 3mm x 5mm PVC tube
  • Measuring cylinder for calibration

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