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Jebao MDP2500 return pump + WiFi Controller 24V

Jebao MDP2500 return pump + WiFi Controller 24V

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Jebao MDP2500 return pump + WiFi Controller 24V

Jecod/Jebao MDC Wi-Fi pumps benefits

  • Sine Wave controller technology provides super quiet operation
  • New Digital LCD Wi-Fi Controller – Speed Control Settings Between 30% -100% in 1 Watt increments
  • Digital display of power consumption.
  • Suitable for external and internal control
  • Seals for input and output connections
  • Improved Head Pressure performance over DCP models
  • New closed impeller design for more quiet operation
  • Energy savings up to 65%
  • IC Electronic Detection- Automatic shutdown protection when no water
  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage input: 110-240V, 50/60Hz ac
  • Voltage output: 24Vdc
  • 23 Watt
  • Q max (l/h): 2500 (higher outflow in height (m) is lower flow)
  • H max (m): 2.5
  • In/Out (mm) adapters: 25mm pvc tube (1x), 25mm tube (1x), 20mm tube (1x)
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