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Jebao SOW-20 (20000L/h)

Jebao SOW-20 (20000L/h)

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Jebao Propeller Pump wave maker produces underwater waves similar to that of natural ocean necessary for the healthy growth of corals. A must-have for all marine aquariums.

Why use Sine Wave Makers?

A sine wave maker produces waves that simulate the conditions of the ocean. For a marine tank with corals, good underwater current is critical.

Underwater current ensures fresh nutrients reaches the corals, while at the same time carries away the respiratory wastes produced by the coral tissues to the filtration system.

In marine aquarium without water circulation, corals suffocate and their growth is stunted, while those who use a basic unidirectional pump (non-sine wave pump) would cause their corals to become irritated and close up prematurely.

The Jebao Propeller Pump is a sine wave maker designed to emulate the underwater currents of the natural ocean which eliminates the abovementioned problems and promotes healthy growth of corals and tank inhabitants.

Wide Rotation Angle

Jebao Propeller Pump has a wide rotation angle, which makes it easy to adjust the direction and flow of underwater water current. The end result is a wide coverage that eliminates "dead spots" in your aquarium.

With waves that simulate the conditions of the ocean, your corals and marine creatures have a conducive environment for development.

Key Features

  • Silent operation
  • Four-pole super quiet motor, sine wave technology
  • Strong impeller generates powerful waves
  • Anti-reverse mechanism protects the pump
  • Master and slave wireless control system
  • External drive controller (included)
  • No electronic components inside the pump for safety and durability
  • Mounts firmly by strong magnets on the tank glass


  • Model-SOW20
  • Voltage-DC 24V
  • Power-50W
  • Flow rate-20000 LPH
  • Size-94x120mm
  • Outlet Dia-65mm
  • Tank size-100-150L
  • Max Glass Thickness-19mm
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