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Jebao SOW-9 M wavemaker + Wi-FI controller (9000L/h)

Jebao SOW-9 M wavemaker + Wi-FI controller (9000L/h)

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Newest type Jebao flow pump / wavemaker with smart WI-FI controller (manual operation is also possible), long life, mini size, strong power, no electronic equipment in the pump, which in particular ensures the longer life. 180 degree adjustable angle.

True Sine Wave technology

Using the True Sine Wave technology, the new SOW sine wave pumps result in a quiet and smooth rotation of the rotor which extends the life of the flow pump / wavemaker.

Features Jebao SOW M flow pump / wavemaker

  • 8 different flow rates
  • 4 wave modes
  • Very quiet operation thanks to Sine Wave technology
  • Wireless controller - if 2 SOW M pumps are used, controllers can wirelessly "synchronize" so that the SW pumps can operate "synchronously" or "synchronously".
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Magnetic bracket that allows a higher degree of pump rotation compared to older SW pumps.
  • Night sensor - automatically detects when the tank lights go out and the pump slows down.
  • One-touch input mode - slows down the pump for a period of 10 minutes.
  • Powerful, powerful water flow combined with low energy consumption.
  • Ceramic shaft for long life and durability
    Intelligent control system to generate different wave patterns to suit your tank.
  • Extra long cable for easy and comfortable placement, even on larger tanks.
  • Low voltage, safe, reliable power supply.
  • Suitable for aquariums with glass up to 15 mm thick. (20 mm for SOW M 16)

Specifications different Jebao SOW M Wi-Fi flow pump / wavemaker versions

  • SOW-5 M: flow rate adjustable from 500 - 5,000 liters / hour - 15W
  • SOW-9 M: flow rate adjustable from 1,000 - 9,000 liters / hour - 23W
  • SOW-16 M: flow rate adjustable from 2,000 - 16,000 liters / hour - 35W

Pump dimensions

  • SOW-5 M: 5,000 l / h, 52 x 72 mm
  • SOW-9 M: 9,000 l / h, 66 x 88 mm
  • SOW-16 M: 16,000 l / h, 80 x 106 mm

EU hologram on the box

All our Jebao products are provided with an EU hologram (see image) which guarantees a Jebao product that is produced for the European market.

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