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Maxspect Nano Tech Bio - frag plug 10kpl

Maxspect Nano Tech Bio - frag plug 10kpl

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The Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Plug are inert and consist of 100% small ceramic balls...

Optimal porous structure, stimulates the growth of corals and is also used as organic medium.

The structure of the Nano-Tech Bio Media consists essentially of many small globules that are very close to each other, so that there is only one point of contact between the individual beads , which allows water to run in between easily . This technology has long been used in wastewater treatment . It is called aerated biological filter (W-BAF).

However, when treating wastewater, these beads are not in the form of spheres, blocks or plugs. They are used as a sandbed technique. But that's not very practical for use in aquaristics. That's why we've decided to make balls, blocks and plugs with these globules using a patented technology that is much easier for aquarists to use.

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