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Innovative Marine

IM Nuvo Concept ABYSS PENINSULA - aquarium + pump, fitration (75L)

IM Nuvo Concept ABYSS PENINSULA - aquarium + pump, fitration (75L)

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The name NUVO is no stranger to pushing boundaries and the Concept Glass Series is no exception. Innovative Marine's nature-inspired AIO's explores uncharted territories and finds new ways to re-imagine and elevate the hobbyist experience.

Ultra-modern style, high clarity low iron glass & a pearl white aluminum pedestal are you just a few features that define luxury and its aquascaping space is designed to drive your imagination.

  • 75 liters
  • Ultra Thick 6mm High Clarity Glass / Low Iron
  • Leveling Rubber Mat
  • DIMS  50,6 x 38 x 49,3 cm /W x L x H
  • Flat Polished
  • Diamond Edge Polished
  • Black Silicone
  • pearl white aluminium pedestal


Water flows through the built-in surface skimming overflows into the included filter socks that will remove large free-floating particles, keeping them out of your return pump and other filtration components. Water then will flow through the skimmer/media reactor chamber and over the final baffle into the return pump compartment to be pushed back into the aquarium.

Adding a media reactor or protein skimmer will enhance your filtration and lets you tailor it to the specific corals or fish you will be keeping.

  • Acrylic Filter Wall w / Overflows
  • 1x Pre-Molded Micron Sock - Mechanical Filter
  • 1x Adjustable Return Flare Nozzle
  • Circulation pump 800 l/h (11W)
  • Designated Skimmer & Reactor Column
  • Designated Heater Column

What's Included?

  • 1x Glass 95 liter Abyss Peninsula Aquarium
  • 1x Return Pump 800 l/h (11W)
  • 1x Desktop Filter Socks 200 micron
  • 1x Return Hose Assembly
  • 1x Elbow Connector
  • 1x Flare Nozzle
  • 1x pearl white aluminium pedestal


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