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AF Liquid Artemia - liquid foof for marine animals (250ml)

AF Liquid Artemia - liquid foof for marine animals (250ml)

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LIQUID ARTEMIA - liquid food ready to use!

Liquid Artemia is a concentrated liquid food. It works perfectly as a basic food especially for young marine organisms.

Does not contain harmful preservatives. Transparent and simple composition provides aquarium inhabitants with a diet almost identical to the natural one. It boosts coloration, positively affects the sustainable development of animals.

The formula based on natural zooplankton ensures excellent absorption of nutrients.

Liquid Artemia is a concentrated liquid basic food for young marine organisms.

The liquid form guarantees easy use – it doesn’t require rinsing or thawing. Contrary to the frozen foods available on the market, it’s ready to use immediately after opening. The highest quality ingredients from strictly controlled, organic farming guarantee a high content of perfectly assimilate vitamins and minerals. The unique formula has been enriched with garlic extract, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of marine organisms.


dose small portions once a day. Shake well before use. Store in the fridge after opening. 


  • Artemia salina, water, salt, garlic, antioxidant.
  • Analytical components:  crude protein: 2,07%, crude fat: 0.5%, crude ash: 13,03%, crude fiber: 0.65%

*simple & natural composition

*improves coloration
*a convenient alternative to frozen food
*top-quality ingredients from organic farms

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