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AF Marine Flakes 25g

AF Marine Flakes 25g

Normaalihinta €12,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €12,90 EUR
Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.
Omassa varastossa: 3 kpl (jos tuotetta ei ole omassa varastossa, toimitusaika 1-2 viikkoa)

Toimitus ja nouto

Nopea toimitus omasta varastosta postipaketilla tai Siniriutan paikallisella toimituksella (tarkista hinta kassalla). Voit myös noutaa tuotteen myymälästämme (sovi nouto). Jos tuotetta ei ole heti varastossa, tilaamme sen toimittajaltamme jolloin toimitusaika on yleensä n. 1-2 viikkoa.

Aquaforest Marine Flakes 25 g

AF Marine Flakes is a plant-based fish food presented in flake form, featuring a unique addition of nori algae. This groundbreaking formula was crafted to offer fish not just a comprehensive and balanced diet but also a distinctive taste and health benefits.

Flakes stand out as the most widely favored form of fish sustenance in the aquarium realm. Now, they are also offered in a version meticulously tailored for herbivorous saltwater fish, and can equally be employed for freshwater aquarium fish.

 What distinguishes AF Marine Flakes? Primarily, the exceptional incorporation of nori algae, serving as an exceptional source of valuable nutrients. Nori algae sheets are directly infused into the flakes, providing a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and proteins crucial for the proper development and functioning of fish.

 Furthermore, this fish food boasts a generous amount of spirulina – a renowned superfood recognized for its elevated levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Spirulina not only delivers essential nutrients but also aids in the natural digestive processes of fish, contributing to the preservation of their health and vitality.

 Our flake-form food not only serves as a delectable meal but also proves easy to administer. Simply dispense the appropriate quantity of flakes, adjusted to the size of the fish school, and revel in the observable joy they experience during feeding.

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