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AF Power Food 20g

AF Power Food 20g

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €14,90 EUR
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AF Power Food is a food for all types of corals, especially SPS corals

Unique formula of AF Power Food is based on a special mix of highly nutritious plankton and marine and freshwater algae . The formula has been enriched with the highest quality products of the animal origin and shellfish additives . Carefully selected ingredients were chosen to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding corals.

  • 1 measuring spoon per 100 l (27 US gal) of water
  • Fill a small container with approx. 20ml of aquarium water, add a spoon of AF Power Food and mix for one minute

Pour the suspension directly into the tank or use the pipette to feed selected corals . Use at least once a week . In well-planted, mature aquariums the product can be used more often, even daily.


All powdered foods have a recommended dosage of 1 spoon per 100 l (27 US gal) of water, though, it’s important that each aquarium is different and the dosage may vary depending on the coral cast. We recommend starting dosing foods and supplements from half of the dose (even ¼) and observing the corals and their reactions to the administered food. Once the aquarium shows no sign of overdose, we recommend increasing dosage to the target dose.

Corals such as Zoanthus, Ricordea and other mushroom corals should be fed during the day. In order to facilitate the food absorption, SPS and LPS corals should be fed after the light is out. In order to ensure the best nutrients absorption, all supplements and foods for corals should be dispensed directly into the aquarium. During the feeding we recommend switching off the skimmer for about an hour.

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