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Kessil A500X

Kessil A500X

Normaalihinta €889,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €889,00 EUR
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The Kessil® A500X is a powerful 185 W high intensity LED designed specifically for experienced SPS coral growers. This fixture integrates the latest Dense Matrix LED technology with the proprietary Kessil® Logic™ , and delivers a concentrated light with well blended spectrum for optimum SPS coral growth, health, and coloration. The beam of the A500X can be adjusted with the included reflector 55° or optionally with the reflector 35° (available seperately).
The LED is controllable by manual knobs or Spectral Controller X. The unit can also be K-Linked with other X-Series fixtures respectively with the WiFi Dongle. Allof the Kessil® X series LEDs can also be connected via WiFi dongle to the APEX app from Neptune. The APEX IoTA interface enables perfect integration into the Neptune system and convenient control of all functions of the Kessil® lights.

Technical Specifications:
Spectrum: Tuna Blue + Red + Green + Purple (Violet+Indigo)
Coverage:130° / 55°; 36"x36" (90 x 90 cm) for SPS dominant systems
Power Consumption: 185 W max.
Power Supply: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz (input), 48V DC (output)
Dimensions (H x D): 3.7” x 5.2” (94 mm x133 mm)
Unit Weight: 1.72 lbs / 780 g

Scope of delivery:
1x A500X LED
1x Power Adapter
1x AC Adapter Cable
1x Hanging Ring
2x Metal Screw Hook
2x Hanging Bracket
1x Reflector-55

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