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Maxspect Mesh bag (4pcs)

Maxspect Mesh bag (4pcs)

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Maxspect Mesh bag (4pcs)

Chemical filtration can be an important tool for maintaining water quality in a reef aquarium and these days most reefers use some sort of flow through media reactor for use with GFO, activated carbon or aluminum oxide medias.

With so much water already flowing through our sumps we use a slightly different method and prefer to employ chemical media placed in a mesh bag in an area of water flow for much easier removal and replacement without the need for any additional reactor or pumps to run them.

There hasn’t been much discussion of the various ways to optimize the use of mesh bags for chemical media filtration which is why we perked up when Maxspect took it upon themselves to explain why they selected a specific material of their new Mesh Media Bag.

A fine bag with a 100 mesh and 150 micron pore size retains the most media but restricts water flowing through, while a 400 mesh bag with a 37 micron pore size retains the most media but also severely restricts the ability of water to flow through it.


  • The Maxspect mesh media bags have been extensively tested prior to release and are the optimum size for working with all well known filter media.
  • The Maxspect media bags are a 160 micron mesh.
  • Pack of 4.
  • 2 sizes: 2 times 15 x 20cm and 2 times 12 x 15cm
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