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Maxspect Nano Tech Phosphree 500ml

Maxspect Nano Tech Phosphree 500ml

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €35,90 EUR
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Maxspect Nano Tech Phosphree is specially designed to absorb other phosphate much more slowly than metal based phosphate removers

Maxspect Nano-Tech Phosphree is a polymer resin that is chemically stable and does not leak metal ions into the water column, unlike metal-based absorbents.

Granular Iron Oxide, or GFO, not only clouds the water when in use, but also leaks small black colored particles into the main tank. Nano-Tech Phosphree, on the other hand, keeps your tank water clear and sparkling.

In addition, a rapid reduction of phosphate in the water column can stress corals and, in the worst cases, lead to rapid tissue necrosis or RTN.

Nano-Tech Phosphree is specifically designed to absorb phosphate at a much slower rate compared to other metal based sorbents, giving corals time to acclimate to the reduction of phosphate in the water column.

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