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Tropic Marin

Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0 (75g)

Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0 (75g)

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Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0

+ grain size: 1.0 mm
+ balanced complete food for marine ornamental fish
+ with seaweed, iodine and trace elements
+ rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins
+ fish oils provide the necessary energy and reduce water pollution
+ production in especially gentle methods
+ fish show their best colors and active behavior
+ granules remain stable long and decreases very slowly

Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0 is a premium high-energy granules for salt water fish. Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0 is a well-balanced food rich in energy and made from healthy wild Scandinavian fish. All ingredients are processed carefully so that vitamins, highly unsaturated fatty acids, and the natural taste of all ingredients are retained. Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0 contains seaweed that provides the fish with the iodine and trace elements they need, and supports the intestinal flora. The fish are lively and show all their beauty and vibrant colors. The use of selected fish oils covers the fish’s energy requirements. It also reduces stress on the metabolism and water pollution by ammonium and other products of decomposition. The granules remain stable and sink very slowly (depending on the size), so that the food supply for all fish on all water levels is guaranteed.

Feeding recommendations Tropic Marin O-Megavital 1.0:
Feed several times a day, giving as much as is eaten by the fish in a short period of time.

Ingredients: Fish meal, fish oil, soya bean protein, corn protein, pea protein, wheat, algae meal, yeast.
Additives: E672 Vitamin A, E671 Vitamin D3, E300 Vitamin C, E307 Vitamin E.

Analysis: Crude Protein 54 %, cride lipids 18 %, crude ash 8 %, crude fibre 1.5 %, moisture 8 %, phophorous 1.3 %, iodine 0.1 %, total (n-3) HUFA 25 mg/kg.
Total Energy: 22000 kJ/kg

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