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Tunze Care Magnet - Nano 0220.010 (6-10mm)

Tunze Care Magnet - Nano 0220.010 (6-10mm)

Normaalihinta €29,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €29,90 EUR
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Toimitus ja nouto

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The patented Tunze Care Magnet nano is suitable for scratch-free acrylic and glass pane cleaning and is suitable for fresh and saltwater.

  • For 6-10 mm glass thickness
  • Width 45 mm, length 78 mm
  • Including 1 replacement plastic blade 45 mm

With the Tunze Care Magnet nano, you can clean your acrylic or glass panes in fresh or saltwater aquariums reliably and without scratches. With the innovative window cleaner, you can easily keep glass thicknesses between 6 and 10 mm clean.

With the Care Magnet nano you can prevent scratches on the inner aquarium panes, whether glass or acrylic. The inner magnet is more than 3 mm away from the aquarium glass and prevents jamming of the aquarium sand. The two plastic blades remove the algae from the glass much better than a flat cleaning surface, almost as good as a sharp metal blade. The lifespan of a blade is from several months to approximately one year. The low flow resistance when cleaning with a high magnetic coupling makes losing the magnet almost impossible. Only in glass aquariums with particularly hard algae, such as older deposits on the sidewalls or thick limestone algae, the large blade should be expanded with the specially supplied stainless steel blade.
Thanks to the slim design, plants and corals are not touched. Thanks to the round plastic blades, a smooth transition from the edges of the aquarium to the next pane is possible without damaging the silicone joints.

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