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Information about us

Siniriutta serves with solid experience.

We have been a trendsetter in the marine aquarium hobby in Finland for more than 30 years. We design, build, maintain and import aquarium units throughout Finland.

We import all technology, accessories, supplements, fish, corals and invertebrates related to the aquarium hobby. We also cultivate corals ourselves and prefer farmed fish species. We also deliver turnkey solutions with a maintenance contract. We are a company well known to enthusiasts and have a strong presence on social media as well.

We have been involved in building numerous aquariums for private hobbyists as well as companies, organizations and public spaces. The size classes of aquarium projects have varied from 20 liters to more than 10,000 liters. We understand the special needs required by different dimensions and solutions.

All projects start from the customer's dreams and wishes. We help in their implementation.

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" I value smooth, customer-oriented and solution-oriented working to ensure the best end result "


My own interest and enthusiasm for the secrets of the seas started at a young age from Jacques Cousteau's nature documentaries, which depicted wonderful coral reefs and the life around them. The aquarium hobby has been a part of my life since I was a teenager, and at some point the hobby left the mitten, so to speak, and it became a job and a way of life.

I have kept seawater aquariums since the late 1970s and, as far as I know, among the first seawater enthusiasts in Finland. In my career, there have been great experiences, but also adversity, from which I have moved forward with determination and determination. I believe that there is always a solution for all kinds of situations. Promoting the hobby and bringing people interested in it together and making their dreams come true drive us forward. Raising awareness and breeding and preserving corals in captivity for future generations is my mission.