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AF Bio Sand - bag, 7,5kg

AF Bio Sand - bag, 7,5kg

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AF BIO SAND - natural white sand


AF Bio Sand is a natural white sand derived from the highest quality deposits.

It is free of any contaminants and its calcium carbonate content helps to stabilize water chemistry. The latest technology in AF Bio Sand significantly accelerates the maturation process of an aquarium , and allows faster livestock addition in a newly set up tank.

The bottles included contain laboratory isolated strains of nitrifying bacteria and a nourishment , facilitating their development and multiplication. The specialist formula of the product guarantees closing of the nitrogen cycle and elimination of harmful chemical compounds much faster than if using traditional substrates.

The extremely easy usage of AF Bio Sand allows instant preparation of sand for use in the aquarium.  Due to the extremely wide range of application, AF Bio Sand will also work perfectly in mature tanks as a substrate supplement .

Sand granulation is 0.5-1.5 mm.


Sand residue emerges during the transport and it’s perfectly safe for your aquarium, though, in order to avoid water turbidity...

  • we strongly advise to rinse the sand in RODI water before use
  • pour the contents of both bottles into 3 liters of saltwater, mix thoroughly
  • add to the sand bag and leave for 24 hours. 

In order to allow bacteria multiplication, do not close the bag . We do not recommend storage in cool places , as it significantly increases the time of bacterial multiplication.

The optimal sand maturation temperature is around 25-28°C (77-82°F).

After 24 hours the sand is ready for use in the aquarium.

Keep away from children. Product for aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption.

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