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AF Kh buffer - powder, 1200g

AF Kh buffer - powder, 1200g

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AF KH BUFFER - for maintaining constant carb hardness

KH BUFFER - An agent for maintaining constant carbonate hardness level in reef aquariums.


  • Recommended level of KH in reef aquaria is 6,5-8,5 dKH
  • dissolve 80g of KH Buffer in 1000ml RODI water
  • Dosage should be determined by the water tests results and daily corals’ consumption.
  • Before applying KH Buffer solution into the water, it is recommended to run a water test to check current water parameters.
  • Maximum daily dose is 20ml per 100litres of water
  • 20ml of KH Buffer solution raises KH level in 100l of water by 0,5 dKH
  • The product is also suitable for casual use for one-time KH level raising. 10g of KH Buffer in 100l of water raises KH level by about 3,3 dKH (Alk. 1,18 meg/l).
  • We do not recommend raising KH level by more than 0,5 dKH per day . In order to maintain ionic balance Calcium, Magnesium and Reef Mineral Salt should also be applied
  • Contains NaHCO3


Keep away from children. Product for aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption.

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