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AF Mg Plus - macronutrients, concentrated magnesium (200ml)

AF Mg Plus - macronutrients, concentrated magnesium (200ml)

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 AF Mg Plus - concentrated Mg formula

 Magnesium Plus - highly concentrated formula for raising magnesium levels in marine aquariums.

Mg Plus is created for managing shortages and sudden drops of magnesium levels . Magnesium is necessary for healthy and balanced growth of corals. The appropriate level of magnesium in the tank water provides corals better absorption of calcium .

Reduced level of magnesium may cause inability to maintain proper calcium level and lowered pH. Recommended magnesium level in reef aquariums is 1180-1460 mg/l (ppm).


  • 10ml of Magnesium solution raises magnesium level by 7.5 mg/l (ppm) in 100 l (27 US gal) of water
  • Dosage should be established based on water tests and daily corals consumption

Before applying Mg Plus it is recommended to test magnesium level in the water . We do not recommend raising magnesium levels by more than 50 ppm a day . Please ensure your magnesium level is within the recommended range before attempting to raise or adjust your calcium and alkalinity levels.

Keep away from children. Product for aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption.

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