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D-D Aquarium Solutions

D-D Funktion 5000 DC Pump

D-D Funktion 5000 DC Pump

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  • Full range of high-flow pumps with a compact footprint
  • Unique digital controller with 3 wave functions and a constant flow mode
  • Sinusoidal wave technology for low operational noise
  • Low voltage
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Removable baseplate with vibration-damping rubber feet
  • Splash-proof connection between pump and controller

Flexible Installation Options:

  • Models 5000, 6500, and 10000 can be externally installed
  • All models are fully submersible
  • Pump outlet can be oriented upward, left, or right
  • "Elephant nose" suction nozzle for anti-vortex operation included
  • Standard suction basket for normal underwater use included
  • Quick-coupling fittings for easy pump removal
  • Multiple different pipe connections included

Controller Features:

  • Unique digital multifunction controller with touch-button pad
  • Backlit LCD color display with adjustable screen brightness
  • Multilingual display with screensaver
  • 4 different flow modes
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum power settings in wave and pulse modes
  • Adjustable maximum power in continuous mode
  • Feeding mode and on/off functions
  • Dry run detection with automatic shut-off function
  • Removable bracket


Continuous Mode
The pump can be set for continuous operation to use it as a standard return, reactor, or equipment supply pump. Flow setting can be adjusted on the controller between minimum and maximum power settings from 30 to 100.

Wave Mode
Constant wave power is generated as the pump moves up and down between minimum and maximum power settings. Frequency and power settings can be changed on the controller.

Pulse Mode
The pump's speed alternates between low and high power settings and can be used to generate a standing wave. Frequency and power settings can be changed on the controller.

Storm Mode
The pump's power fluctuates between different power levels with varying frequency to create a random flow pattern. Ideal for stirring up detritus to be removed through filtration.

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