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Flipper PICO Magnet Cleaner (6mm glass)

Flipper PICO Magnet Cleaner (6mm glass)

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PERFECT AQUARIUM CLEANER FOR SMALL FISH TANKS! Flipper Aquarium Products' Signature 2-in-1 MAGNETIC Scrubber Scraper in a FUN-SIZED design for glass & acrylic tanks up to 1/4" (6MM) thick. Keep your glass or acrylic aquarium fish tank looking as good as the day you bought it! Strong rare earth magnets make it easy to clean your tank without getting your hands wet!

  • FL!PPER PICO 2-in-1 Scrubber Scraper design MAGNETICALLY FL!PS from an abrasive scrubbing pad on one side to an busting scraper on the other INSIDE your tank without having to get your hands wet! Scrub and Scrape all around your tank with ease! Easily flips around square corners. Great for daily cleaning! Take full control of your aquarium cleaning from outside your tank!
  • COMPLETE AND EFFICIENT HANDS-DRY AQUARIUM CLEANING! Small dual sided magnetic aquarium cleaner has an abrasive scrubbing pad on one side and with just a twist of the outside handle, the scrubbing pad FL!PS inside the tank to an busting scraper. Scrub and scrape all day with Flipper's patented fun flipping action!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: For Glass & Acrylic tanks up to 1/4" (6MM) thick - 2-In-1 Abrasive Scrubber Pad / Removable Scraper Blade - Small Compact Design 1.25" x 1.25" Inside Scrubbing Surface | 1" x 1.25" Outside Handle - Use Caution Near Sand Line. Trapped Sand Can Scratch Aquarium Glass - Replaceable Scraper Blade - 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • SHOW OFF YOUR TANK! Nobody likes a dirty fish tank! Clean it up with Flipper's full line of patented fish-friendly aquarium products! Easy, Hands-Dry Tank Maintenance with Tools that work! Start FL!PPIN' Today!
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