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Candy Basslet (Liopropoma carmabi)

Candy Basslet (Liopropoma carmabi)

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The flamboyantly-coloured Candy Basslet is known from the sheltered recesses of coral reefs, at depths between 15-70m (49-230ft). This fish belongs to the family Serranidae (the sea basses, groupers, and fairy basslets) and is one of around 30 species of reef basslets currently classified within the Liopropoma genus. Reef basslets are very popular in the hobby due to their relative hardiness, attractiveness, easy-to-feed nature, small adult size (most species), and the fact that they do not pick on sessile invertebrates. The Candy Basslet is highly prized by many aquarists, but despite the intense colouration, this is a retiring species that is often difficult to approach in the wild; therefore it does tend to command a hefty price tag when it is available. Although the Candy Basslet is fairly secretive, it makes a fascinating addition to reef aquaria where no small ornamental crustaceans are present, and often becomes bolder over time. The tank should be mature and furnished with a plethora of live rock to provide feeding opportunities and shady hiding places amongst crevices and caves. As a naturally solitary species, it is best to keep only one per tank, and not with any closely related fish, as despite its general shyness the Candy Basslet will behave aggressively towards them. The sexes cannot be told apart visually, but on occasion, mated pairs can be acquired. Tankmates to avoid include species such as dottybacks, grammas, firefish, and some of the wrasses, as many tend to occupy the same niches as the Candy Basslet and it will show much belligerence towards them. Do not house with large, aggressive species as these may intimidate the Candy Basslet, particularly at feeding time. Ideal companions could include Anthias spp., blennies, dwarf angelfish (but not all - research carefully), gobies, and smaller tangs. Powerful filtration and circulation with a high level of oxygenation are a must, as are tight fitting coverslides on account of the Candy Basslet"™s ability to jump.


Feed a variety of meaty foods in small amounts several times per day, including Mysis shrimp, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, finely chopped krill/ cockle/ mussel/ prawns/ squid/ clam/ fish flesh etc, plus flake food.

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