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Live Foods

Live Copepods – 100ml

Live Copepods – 100ml

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Nopea toimitus omasta varastosta postipaketilla tai Siniriutan paikallisella toimituksella (tarkista hinta kassalla). Voit myös noutaa tuotteen myymälästämme (sovi nouto). Jos tuotetta ei ole heti varastossa, tilaamme sen toimittajaltamme jolloin toimitusaika on yleensä n. 1-2 viikkoa.

Copepods consume organic waste and are an excellent natural food source for fish. Many hobbyists specifically focus on maintaining a healthy copepod population to help feed finicky fish like mandarin gobies and scooter blennies. Copepods typically find their way into your tank as hitchikers via live rock, frags, and macro-algae.

When introducing live copepods into your tank; it is best to feed your fish first and pour them into the tank at night time. Try to release them as close to the substrate as possible.  A feeding tube or PVC pipe will work great for this.

This way the copepods have a chance to settle into the substrate and begin reproducing instead of getting immediately consumed by the various other animals in your tank. 

Having an isolated refugium really helps to maintain a stable population of pods because it offers a safe haven for these little guys to populate and grow.   The Copepod reproductive cycle does include a free floating larval stage so be cautious when employing an UV sterilizer which can kill the delicate larvae.

You can see adult copepods running around your sand bed and rockwork. They are typically more noticeable in the nighttime hours and resemble little fleas or bugs crawling inside your tank.


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