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Microbe-Lift XTreme Water Conditioner 236ml

Microbe-Lift XTreme Water Conditioner 236ml

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  • Makes tap water safe for fish
  • Fast and Safe Start of new aquarium
  • Provides the basis for the habitat of beneficial bacteria
  • Neutralises chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals
  • Removes ammonium / ammonia and nitrite detoxifies
  • Ideal for use in water change
  • Effectively protects mucous membranes and gills
  • Prevents osmotic shock by essential electrolytes
  • Stabilizes the pH

Microbe-Lift Xtreme is a specially developed water purifier for use in marine and freshwater aquariums.

Specially developed for the initial set up of new aquariums and on going water changes. Creates a basis for the habitat of beneficial bacteria. Its unique composition means chlorine and chloramines are removed permanently, along with ammonium, and nitrite. Xtreme also detoxifies and binds heavy metals. The addition of electrolytes gives your fish lasting protection by strengthening their mucous membrane.

Specially designed to prepare new water quickly and safely ( "instant aging"). Use this product when an aquarium is newly established, just after water changes or when new fish, invertebrates, amphibians or plants are introduced. Microbe Lift XTreme also stabilises the pH with special buffers. It removes both ammonia / ammonium and chlorine. The containing essential electrolytes prevent sustained osmotic shock in animals which can be triggered by new water.

Dosage: 5 ml treats 40 liters of water.

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