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myAqua380 Reverse Osmosis System

myAqua380 Reverse Osmosis System

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  • For marine and freshwater environments
  • Filter performance up to 380 litres / day
  • Works without electricity, without chemicals
  • Working pressure 3 to 8 bar
  • Multi-layer polymer film
  • Very high retention rate
  • Contains carbon, fine and membrane filters
  • Incl. accessories

Powerful, chemical-free and without electricity - the ARKA Aquatics myAqua380 reverse osmosis system uses the power of water pressure and filters 99 percent of the salts, bacteria and pollutants such as nitrite or phosphate and heavy metals from conventional tap water. This is how effectively the water is treated to create a safe feel-good atmosphere for marine and freshwater inhabitants.

The system does not require any electricity and does not require any chemical additives - it only works with water pressure and natural filter materials. Thanks to the multi-layer polymer film with extremely fine pores (0.0001 microns), the retention rate is very high.

  • Filter performance: up to 380 liters/day
  • Osmosis water to residual water: yield approx. 1:3 - 4
  • Working pressure: 3 to 8 bar
  • Temperature: 1 to 30 degrees
  • Salt retention capacity: TFM polyamide - polysulfone

The system components carbon and fine filter (cartridge), as well as the membrane filter, are subject to the following change intervals:

  • Membrane filter: 24 months from commissioning
  • Carbon filter: max. 5,500 litres or 6 months from commissioning
  • Fine filter: max. 11,000 litres or 3 months from commissioning

Tip: Filters are consumables and must be replaced regularly! So that your darlings can always enjoy consistently high water quality, we recommend keeping them in stock. All three system components (carbon, fine and membrane filters) are available separately.

Note: The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery: membrane key, water connection (3/4 "-1/4") and 3 metre CCK hose.

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