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Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro L (Blue Spectrum)

Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro L (Blue Spectrum)

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Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro (Full Spectrum)

Key Features

  • The most powerful Smart LED light in the market
  • Low profile, sleek design
  • High PAR/PUR Coefficient
  • Ultra-efficient cooling system  
  • Advanced optics deliver a blended spectrum & maximum coverage
  • Smart Reef controlled from anywhere in the world    

The Reef flare Pro is the most innovative Reef Factory design ever created. The development team considered every detail to come up with the desired performance levels. From electronics and an ultra-efficient cooling system to LED selection and advanced optics, the team created the most efficient light on the market in its class. Provides high PAR and a mixed spectrum that is evenly distributed throughout the aquarium.

Product design and weight were Product design and weight were key points that we took into consideration during the design process, as a result we have an LED fixture that is only 2,8cm high and lightweight.

EOI optics 
New optics were developed to create lenses that produced a highly diffused light source which achieves maximum coverage and reduces hotspots. An issue commonly associated with LED light fixtures. This goal has been achieved by developing an optimal shape of the corrective lens combined with the type of LED diode used.

A large PAR coefficient spreads evenly within the aquarium. This innovative new Smart device will promote maximum coral growth, health, and colouration.

Due to the modular style of the lights, multiple sized lights can be grouped together and controlled in the Smart Reef App, allowing you to choose the right number and combination for your aquarium.

72 effective LEDs

White 5700k - x6
Blue 470nm - x12
Royal Blue 450nm - x27
Violet 420nm - x12
UV 400nm - x9
Green 530nm - x3
Red 660nm - x3

The Reef Flare Pro range comes in 3 sizes: S/M/L

LED size aquarium coverage:
  • Reef flare Pro S (80W) – Coverage area up to 60 x 60 cm, depth of up to 60 cm and more.
  • Reef flare Pro M (130W) – Coverage area up to 80 x 70 cm, depth of up to 70 cm and more.
  • Reef flare Pro L (240W) - Coverage area up to 90 x 70 cm, depth of up to 70 cm and more.

    New refreshed interface panel
    A new improved light management panel. Larger sliders, the ability to enter the % of each colour channel. Also added, is the power slider bar so that when programming you can easily set the overall intensity of the light across all channels.

    Amazing Specification
    Full spectrum, 7 channels, special choice of colour LEDs. The combination of high-quality LEDs combined with modern optics has resulted in our light producing a very high PAR / PUR coefficient. Under our lights, corals will have greater growth and thanks to the correct level of PAR and selected colour combinations, you will notice greater detail when viewing your corals.

    For the Reef flare PRO project, Reef Factory employed specialised optic designers with many years of experience in this field. It was a big challenge because the competition set the bar high. Eventually, we achieved a goal, and the result of this project is a device that  perfectly blends light and effectively covers the aquarium.

    Now aquarists can choose from two of the best spectrum types in the market: FULL SPECTRUM & BLUE versions, depending on which best suits the needs of the aquarium. The Reef flare Pro range provides the full spectrum of colours. Reef flare Pro Full Spectrum includes a more natural daylight (whiter) appearance with greater PAR, whilst the Reef flare Pro Blue version displays a more blue appearance and contains more Indigo and Violet LEDs.  Reef Factory Reef flare Blue is a twin design to the Full Spectrum version. The appearance of the light is the same, however the LED configuration has been modfified for a more dominant blue spectrum

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