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Reef Factory

Reef Factory - Smart Tester (PO4, NO3, Mg, Ca)

Reef Factory - Smart Tester (PO4, NO3, Mg, Ca)

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Reef Factory - Smart Tester

precision, repeatability and integration

Introducing the revolutionary Smart Tester - an advanced device for testing key water parameters in marine aquariums. This fully automated and precise tester provides instant and accurate results of the seleceted parameter, which can be easily accessed via the Smart Reef app.

Key features:

  • Managed remotely with the Smart Reef app
  • Up to 160 tests on one set of reagents*
  • Fully automated analysis
  • Quiet and precise operation of the original, in-house manufactured dosing pumps
  • Quick replacement of the tested parameter based on easy-to-install reagent cartridges
  • Uses only 50 ml of water per single measurement
  • Built-in auto-calibration of the device
  • Compact size 210 x 140 x 95 and modern design
  • Easy installation in the sump using DIN rail

With the ability to schedule measurements and easily replace reagent cartridges, the Smart tester makes monitoring tank parameters a breeze. The device is designed so that calibration is rarely performed and cleaning is automatic, providing unparalleled convenience.

Peristaltic pumps

Smart tester works on the basis of an all-new, in-house manufactured, peristaltic pumps, developed by the Reef Factory team. Their construction is designed to meet a number of requirements that should be met by devices dedicated to marine aquaristics. They are characterized by high dosing precision and the longest possible of failure-free operation, and they are also very low-noise.

Modern device installation

To meet the needs of aquarists, we have improved of placing equipment in the tank. The latest equipment from Reef Factory has an innovative mounting system based on a DIN rail. This is an extremely convenient and customizable solution that makes it easier to keep the cabinet in order. From now on, not only will you be able to automate the testing of the selected parameter PO4, NO3, Mg, Ca, but also, with the help of actions that integrate the Smart tester with dosing pumps, automate the maintenance of the selected parameter at a certain level.

Full automation

The Smart tester performs the measurement fully autonomously, from taking a water sample to emptying the measuring cuvette and becoming fully functional for the very next test. One-time calibration of the device after installation does not require troublesome repititions, as it has an auto-calibration system for metering pumps. This guarantees the longest possible periods of trouble-free operation and high precision dosing.

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