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Yellow Prawn Goby (Cryptocentrus cinctus)

Yellow Prawn Goby (Cryptocentrus cinctus)

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Cryptocentrus cinctus, commonly known as the Yellow prawn-goby, is a small bottom-dwelling goby. Their body is yellow with very tiny blue spots on their head and in their fins. But these fish are not only beautiful to watch, they do sift the sand looking for food as well. This will help keep the sand clean and aerated, but unfortunately they usually only do a small area around their cave. Probably the most special thing about these fishes is that they form a relation with a pistol shrimp (Alpheus randalli, A. bellulus and A. djiboutensis for example). This is a symbiotic relation because both the shrimp and the goby benefit from this relation. We can fill an entire page about this amazing collaboration but in short: the shrimp makes and maintains the burrow where the shrimp(s) and goby(ies) live in. They even excavate the goby when the tunnel collapses. The goby watches out for predators in return and warns the shrimp with body signals, thus acting as the (almost blind) shrimps eyes. They also bring food to the shrimps if none is available close to the burrow.

These fish can be kept alone and don't need the shrimp. They can also be kept as a couple or our favorite way: a couple gobies with a couple shrimps if you can find that! Food wise, the gobies are carnivores but easy to feed with live/frozen food and usually also take flakes and pellets once settled.

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