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AF Algae Feed M - pellets for herbivorous fish / tangs (~2.5mm/120g)

AF Algae Feed M - pellets for herbivorous fish / tangs (~2.5mm/120g)

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AF ALGAE FEED M - pellets (~2.5mm)

Excellent pellet feed for ornamental herbivorous fish, especially Tangs .

It allows for proper development and resistance to disease. AF Algae Feed M is made up of 7 algae varieties. In addition, it has been fortified with phytoplankton, minerals and vitamins to form a complete balanced diet for all types of fish. We recommend feeding in small portions several times a day.

Product intended for use in aquariums only.

Not suitable for human consumption. Keep away from children.


Algae, fish derivatives, minerals, oils and fats.

  • Additives (per kg): Vitamins: vit. A 15,000 IU/kg, vit. D3 3000 IU/kg, vit. E 1000 IU/kg, vit. C 1000 mg/kg.
  • Analytical ingredients: Crude protein 19.1%, Crude fats 4.66%, Raw fiber 1.1%, Humidity 31.6%, Ash 29.1%, Phosphorus 0.37%, Calcium 2.2%, Calcium min. 1.8%.
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