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Amblyeleotris guttata

Amblyeleotris guttata

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The Sunspot Goby is known from outer lagoons or seaward reefs and can be found where there are expanses of coarse sand, at depths of up to 25 metres. As with other members of the same genus, this goby forms a symbiotic partnership with an almost blind alpheid shrimp; together they share the safety of a burrow which the shrimp digs/maintains, and the goby keeps watch for predators. Whilst the shrimp is working, it maintains antennal contact with its goby partner posted at the entrance of the shared burrow. If the shrimp detects the quivering motion of the goby"™s caudal fin during an unusual situation, it reacts by immediately withdrawing into the depths of the burrow. The entrance to the shared burrow will be closed at night, and only one entrance is usually open at any one time. The shrimp will only emerge from the burrow whilst it can have tactile contact with the goby. These fish are peaceful, except towards conspecifics (especially males) - so keep only one per tank or else obtain a mated pair. Provided with a reasonable depth of coral sand and a good selection of loose coral rubble pieces that vary in size (not too big to be moved) these gobies can do very well in the home aquarium. The goby will survive without its shrimp partner, but if they can be acquired together, they will make such a fascinating display, captivating the observer for hours on end. The usual shrimp that partners the Sunspot Goby is Alpheus ochrostriatus, but these gobies often accept different Alpheus spp. if a specific one cannot be found. Your dealer may be able to acquire the two together, it is certainly worth asking. Tankmates should be of a peaceable nature, and be aware that the goby may predate on smaller species of ornamental shrimp. Ensure that the tank has tight fitting coverslides, as these gobies are accomplished jumpers. May also be seen on sale as the Orange Spotted Shrimp Goby.


Will consume a wide range of meaty fare including Mysis shrimp, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, finely chopped krill/prawns etc. If reluctant to feed at first, use a turkey baster to direct some food lower down in the tank to where the goby may be hiding in its burrow. Feed small amounts 3 times per day.
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