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Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus - T.B.

Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus - T.B.

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Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus, commonly known as the Conspicuous angelfish, is a medium-sized angelfish. These super rare fish are one of the holy grails of angelfish. They come from the deep waters around Lord Howe Island and are thus rarely exported, making them desired and not cheap. As juveniles these fish are quite dull coloured. Anything below the eye is very dark brown and this fades into cream on the back. On the base of the caudal is a cream-white band and that’s it. But as these fish mature, they become real show fish! The body becomes rusty brown with the head being almost orange. The anal and dorsal fin fade to black with a bright blueish-white rim as is the anal fin but that has a yellow base. Their mouth and pelvic fins becomes white and the most notable characteristic is probably the electric blue line around the gill covers and eyes. A truly beautiful and unique fish for the real angelfish or rare fish lover!

Like all other angelfish it's hermaphroditic and the most dominant fish will turn into a male when there is no other male around. These fish are quite peaceful but be careful combining them with fish a lot smaller or larger and other (dwarf)angelfishes. In nature, sponges and tunicates are an important part of their diet. Wild specimens acclimated easiest in a tank with a lot of sponges and live food. Tank bred specimens are familiar with dry food and are much easier to wean on frozen and dry food. These fish aren't considered reef safe and you need to be especially careful with ornamental sponges, LPS, tube worms and clams. Keeping them well fed seems to reduce the risk so make sure to feed them a proper varied diet of algae and meaty foods to make them really happy!

This fish is Tank Bred and will adapt to your aquarium easier compared to a wild caught specimen!

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