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Deltec Aqua Crown Special Carbon 1000ml

Deltec Aqua Crown Special Carbon 1000ml

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Delivery from our own warehouse within a week. You can also pick up the product from our store! If the product is not in stock immediately, we will order it from our supplier, in which case the delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

Aqua Crown Special Carbon (ACS) is a mixture of high quality anthracite (steam activated and acid washed) and a phosphate adsorber with long term function. The result is a highly active pure charcoal with an effective surface area of 1000m²/g which, in contrast to other charcoals, does not increase the phosphate concentration in the Aquarium water.

Application: ACS can be used:

  • to remove Yellow coloration and other water discolouration
  • to remove medicinal residues
  • to reduce free ozone in skimmers

Deltec Special Carbon can be used in all filter systems provided that a good through flow is ensured. If necessary use the filter sock provided with delivery. 

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