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Flame angel (Centropyge loricula)

Flame angel (Centropyge loricula)

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Centropyge loricula, commonly known as the Flame angelfish, is one of the larger dwarf angelfish. It’s one of the most popular dwarf angelfishes and for good reason. The bright orange to almost red base colour with black vertical stripes and broad blue rim around the fins make this fish stand out in every tank.

Like all other angelfish it's hermphroditic and the most dominant fish will turn into a male when there is no other male around. These fish are quite peaceful but be careful combining them with fish a lot smaller or larger and other (dwarf)angelfishes. Although dwarf angels are certainly more likely to be reef safe compared to their larger relatives and thus seen more often in reef tank, they're always a risk. C. loricula is very variable in behaviour. Some are model residents and leave coral and other fishes alone, while others can nip more than a coral likes or become dominant towards other fishes. Keeping them well fed seems to reduce the risk on both, so make sure to feed them a proper varied diet of algae and meaty foods!

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