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Maxspect Jump Protein Skimmer (MJSK-400)

Maxspect Jump Protein Skimmer (MJSK-400)

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Dual Intakes + Dual Needle Wheels Protein Skimmer


Precision Front Dial
Dual Intake
Dual Needle Wheel
Overflow Protection
DC Flow Control
Feed Mode
Start Delay

DC Powered Skimmer with Smart Control
Features loaded: Feeding mode, overflow protection, start delay and more.

Innovative designs - not your typical skimmer
Adjust the water level precisely and easily with the front dial
Integrated Air Silencer
Special Integrated bubble trap to prevent micro bubble from escaping into your sump


Wattage 25w
High Bioload 400L/100Gal
Low Bioload 1,000L/265Gal
Water Level 18-22cm/7"-8.5"
Height 555.5mm/21.75"
Foot Print 200mm×200mm/ 7.75"×7.75"
Water Flow 1,200LPH / 317GPH
Air Intake 600LPH / 158GPH
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