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Maxspect Nano Tech Anaerobic Block Catalyst x5 (10 months)

Maxspect Nano Tech Anaerobic Block Catalyst x5 (10 months)

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Maxspect Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block for freshwater and saltwater aquariums effectively removes nitrates (NO3) from the aquarium .

This patented technology is specially designed to stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria .

These anaerobic bacteria complete the nitrogen cycle through denitrification , by culturing anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria (including species of the genera Paracoccus denitrificans and various pseudomonads), reducing nitrate into nitrogen gas, thus exporting the nutrients from the aquarium.

Denitrification is becoming more commonly used to remove nitrogen from sewage, municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater to counteract the pollution. Various types of denitrification reactors and methods are now used and are effective in removing nitrate from agricultural run-off and even manure. This technology has been integrated into the Maxspect Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block as a compact unit that will fit neatly into a technical tank.

Maxspect Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block are carefully manufactured to ensure optimal quality and pore structure to create the ideal living conditions and environment for the bacterial colonies that grow within. Bacterial colonies don't break down the Anaerobic-Block. The Nano-Ceramic beads in the Anaerobic-Blocks are specially treated with our proprietary technology , such that they excel at establishing anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria which strives in anoxic environment.

How to use
Stack 2 Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block horizontally in the technical tank, placing the denitrification catalyst between the two blocks in the hollowed-out area.

For optimum efficiency, the Nano-Tech Anaerobic-Block should be cleaned or replaced every 6 months . However, when cleaning or replacing them, DO NOT change them all at once . Clean or replace only half of them so that there are enough bacterial colonies left to grow in the freshly cleaned or replaced Anaerobic-Block.

The denitrification catalyst should also be replaced every 6 months.

For freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
2 Blocks can treat up to 1000L / 264 Gal

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