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Stonogobiops nematodes + Alpheus randalli

Stonogobiops nematodes + Alpheus randalli

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Pari kuukautta myymälässä asustaneet kaverit syö hyvin ja puuhailee ahkerasti koloaan

The Red Banded Goby lives in symbiosis with pistol shrimps (Alpheus randalli). It‘s quite shy and therefore shouldn‘t be socialized with big, hectic fish. Due to their small size (up to 4 cm) the Gobies can be kept in nano tanks from 60 litres, best keep them as pair. As feed granular food, flakes and frozen food is suitable. Overall a very easy to care animal.

The Red Banded Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) is a beautiful snapping shrimp that's sure to catch your attention when it ventures from its burrow. It likes to move in together with a symbiotic goby, and such a symbiose pair is very entertaining to watch. Thanks to its small size it's very suitable for nano reefs and other small tanks. It will live together with most prawn gobies, for example the Hi Fin Red Banded Goby (Stonogobiops nematodes) or Amblyeleotris species.

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