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Tropic Marin Phos-Start - 75 g

Tropic Marin Phos-Start - 75 g

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Perfect to start your reef tank!

Tropic Marin Phos-Start is ideal for new tanks with artificial live rock or reef ceramics. Due to the particulate feed, your corals will be directly supplied with phosphate. In addition, it contains mineral components, trace elements and biopolymers that promote a natural bacterial flora and the growth of coralline algae.

 Specifics of particulate insoluble phosphate:

  • no deposit formation in rocks or substrate
  • imitates the natural phosphate supply of coral reefs
  • risk of overdosing very low

Product size: 75 g

Particulate phosphate vs. phosphate solution

Phosphate supply in particulate form is much safer and more selective than in dissolved form. The phosphate is virtually " wrapped" in particles and can thus be ingested by polyps. With the help of symbiotic bacteria, these particles are finally broken down (" unwrapped") and the phosphate is provided directly to the coral. Studies have shown that the particulate phosphate supply is significantly more effective in terms of coral growth than the dissolved variant. Furthermore, a particulate diet also has a positive effect on the polyp extension, as these are requested according to their function (particle capture).

On the other hand, you can have very high dispersion losses when supplying dissolved phosphate - especially if the aquarium is initially only lightly stocked with corals. Dissolved inorganic phosphate can, for example, be taken up directly by algae or precipitate on rocks as well as substrate. Possible consequences are increased algae growth and the formation of phosphate deposits.

Recommendation for use Phos-Start

Phos-Start can be applied at any time of the day or night. Since the application causes the water to become somewhat cloudy and in order to take advantage of the corals' nocturnal polyp opening, Phos-Start should preferably be dosed around the time the lighting is switched off. Temporary cloudiness of the aquarium water is normal.

Start with a daily dosage of 1 ml (small measuring spoon) Phos-Start per 400 l aquarium water. Fill a container halfway with approx. 200 ml of water from the reef aquarium (reverse osmosis water is not suitable!) and add the Phos-Start. Mix powder and water well by stirring. Pour the suspension into the flow of the aquarium and rinse the container with aquarium water. If after four weeks phosphate concentration between 0.05 mg/l and 0.15 mg/l has not been reached in the aquarium, double the dosage to 2 ml (large measuring spoon) per 400 l. The maximum dosage of 4 ml per 400 l should not be exceeded.

We recommend an application period of 2-3 months after the start of the tank and to switch to Phos-Feed for a permanent phosphate supply.

Tropic Marin Phos-Start - what does it contain?

Natural calcium carbonate microparticles, phosphate mineral powder, natural biopolymers, iodide, fluoride and bromide

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